Not Your Daddy’s Cider…But Something From Papá

Trabanco Cosecha Propia Natural Cider

TrabancoLogoTrabanco produces traditional Asturian cider from estate grown apples in a fashion insured to be traditional by its approval from the various Spanish regulatory bodies that require the Asturian cider to be produces in a particular way and with a specific combination of indigenous apples. If you have not tried cider from Spain’s Asturia region and perhaps have only indulged in American or English Traditional ciders or even ciders from Northern France, this cider will be….different. Embrace it. It’s the authentic you are looking for.

Alcohol: 6%
Production: Unknown
Origin: Asturia, Spain
Estate Grown Traditional Varieties
Price: $10.00 / 700ml.

Rating: * * *  / * * * *

TrabancoBottle copyA cloudy, light gold color hits the glass with no foaming head whatsoever. You may also notice little clumps of spent yeast. Ignore them. They are harmless. A melange of aromas come together very nicely including spices and ripe apple, notes of lemon and nutmeg, nail polish and a hint of vinegar and burnt sugar. These are closely layered aromas; a Napoleon of aromas that if you sit with this cider for a time and get your nose down in their deep, they reveal themselves. It’s fun. This cider possesses the lightest of carbonation. The body is light and silky; liquid sliding like silk across the palate. I detect very little tannin here beneath the acidity. It’s the flavors though that you’ve got to love in this cider. The character of volatile acidity described in its aromas follows though on the palate. This translates as a distinct tangy-ness that envelope the tart apple, salty, and apricot flavors. This is nearly completely, if not fully, dry cider. It is refreshing to say the least, but also has the quality of luring one in, resulting for a desire for more.

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