Reverend Nat’s Newtown Pippin Hard Cider – Happily Recommended

RevNatLogoReverend Nat out of Portland Oregon honors one of America’s most famous apples with this cider. It is a single varietal cider that the Newtown Pippin, which originated on Long Island sometime in the second half of the 18th century. Thomas Jefferson prized this variety and it was a hugely popular apple for cider making particularly in the Mid Atlantic and New England states. This is the first of what will be a number of reviews of the Reverend Nat ciders.

Reverend Nat’s Revelation Newtown Pippin

RevNatPippinAlcohol: 6.9% alcohol

Price: $7.99/500ml

Fruit: 100% Newtown Pippin apples

Origin: Oregon

Rating: ***/**** of 5

The cider arrives with a splash mouse that quickly dissipate into a perfectly clear cider.  The color of this cider is light golden with a distance green hue. It’s a good-looking cider that fits nicely in a wine glass. The nose is not effusive. But when you dig deep[, you find a certain murky/yeasty quality that fades into a tart green apple aroma. Too there is a nice herbal quality in the nose. Finally, you’ll enjoy a sweet top note on the nose. On the palate the carbonation hits pretty hard out of the glass. The pique of tannins is also noticeable along with good solid acidity. This is a very fresh, light bodied, dry cider on the palate. There is nothing too complex about the drink, but it is consistently refreshing across the palate. Its first flavor is decidedly tart and on the lime side of citrus. A ripe yellow apple flavor is all around this cider too. The herbal element found on the nose does not continue in its flavors. The Revelation Newtown Pippin is a cider I think should be drunk without ice and not too cold. When allowed to warm up it becomes much more expressive. It’s a lovely cider I happily recommend.

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

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