Le Pere Jules—Great Pear Cider From Normandy ****/*****

le-pere-jules-vue-du-cielLe Pere Jules Poire is a perry produced by the firm of Leon Desfrieches et fils located in Lisieux in the Normandy region of France that was founded 95 years ago. Three varieties of pears taken from orchards planted more than 100 years ago are used in this perry. The Le Pere Jules brand produces cider, perry as well as Calvados. This is perry to seek out, but difficult to find.

2012 Le Pere Jules Poire de Normandie

le-pere-jules-poire-perry-pear-wine-pays-d-auge copyOrigin: Lisieux, Normandy, France…Alcohol: 2.5%…Production: Unknown…Fruit: 3 varieties of pears grown in estate orchards…Price: $12.99

Rating: ****/***** of 5

Brilliant straw-colored. No head, but medium-sized bubbles cling to the glass. Perfect clarity. Tart pear aromas, hints of asian five spice and cinnamon, with a slight floral note. Very clean on the nose. Sip this back and you’ll notice the carbonation is ever-present and significant. This is richly structured perry. It is exactly what a underripe Anjou pear should taste like. Tart pear flavors. No bitterness. A smack of sugar. slightest hint of caramel. This is really a beautiful drink that is artisan to its core. With its hint of sugar, strong carbonation and firm acid, this perry would be an excellent partner with any number of different foods, dishes and recipes. I’m thinking cream-based chicken and pork dishes, grilled shellfish, sautéed chicken livers with caramelized onion and pear, and any number of desserts and tarts. This perry should absolutely not be drunk ice-cold out of the fridge. You must let it warm up a bit to really loosen up and unleash the intensity of flavor packed into it.  On a final note, at 2.5% alcohol, this might be a great bottle to pour a tiny tipple in your kids’ glass if you are looking to introduce them to alcohol and well made alcohol at that.

Purchased at K&L Wine Merchants, CA

Le Pere Jules

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