Review: A Cider To Substitute for Champagne

Finnriver Artisan Sparkling Cider — Methode Champenoise Brut

Finnriver-logoFinnriver Cidery in Washington State makes a bevy of different ciders and is considered among the leading craft cidrers in the country. Additionally, their goods are fairly well-distributed. This bottling is made in the style of Champagne and most American sparkling wine. Upon tasting it you’ll find it is an outstanding substitute for sparkling wine.

Alcohol: 8%
Production: Unknown
Source: Washington State
Fruit: Dessert Varieties
Price: $22.99 / 750ml.

RATING: * * * * of 5

Finnriversparkling-ciderThis sparkling cider is the splitting image of champagne, perhaps with the exception of a lasting ring of foam that circles the class above the light golden and consistently bubbling liquid below. When you smell this, the first thing you’ll note is the yeastiness, that again will be familiar to those who drink sparkling wine. But behind the yeast is the tell-tale dry apple aromas that identifies this as cider. A floral note rounds out the aroma. If you want access to these aromas, as well as the following flavors, don’t serve this sparkler too cold. The palate is very elegant. The cider sparkles across the palate delivering a good dose of acidity. Then comes the citrus, tart and distinct. Then comes the long apple notes that are wonderfully persistent. In the end, the lemony character outlasts the apple. This is dry sparkling cider, so don’t expect anything like Martinelli. I like this cider very much and would happily serve it in place of Champagne for occasions, at a dinner party to start the meal or simply with a summer afternoon. Very well made cider.

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  1. Bob Henry - April 23, 2014


    With all this recent consumption of apple ciders, are you at risk of an unhealthy “uptake” of this?:

    Particularly because you seem to be drinking this stuff in . . . um . . . “industrial quantities.”

    We’re worried about you, man.

    ~~ Bob

  2. Tom Wark - April 24, 2014

    Thanks for caring. Yes, I’ve been opening lots of hard cider’s of late with all their malic acid. However, most often it is for tasting and evaluation purposes. What doesn’t get consumed is donated to charity.


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