A Wisconsin Sparkling Perry For Dessert

appelLocated in Southeastern Wisconsin about 30 miles from Lake Michigan, Appeltreow Winery and Distillery uses Wisconsin-grown fruits to produces a variety of farmhouse products from various Hard Cider and Perry to fortified wines and spirits. Appeltreow is well-known among cider lovers and available in a variety of markets around the country.

Appeltreow Winery and Distillery Sparkling Perry

Alcohol: 7.5%
Origin: Wisconsin
Fruit: Comice, Bosc, and Bartlett Pears
Production: Unknown
Price: $17.99/750ml

appeltreowperryRATING: **/*** of 5

This Wisconsin Perry throws a considerable head upon pouring that calms it’s fairly quickly. Color is a light, dusted straw…very Blanc de blanc-like. The aromas are more apple than pear and at its proper serving temperature not very intense. Floral aromas are present…a sort of lemon blossom. There is the tiniest hint of swamp in the nose that actually heralds something to come. Despite its early heavy head of perry foam, the sparkle doesn’t hit the palate too hard. This is light to medium in body perry. This is certainly a semi-sweet perry as the sweet pear spreads liberally across your taste buds. A certain cloying is present too. Finally, in the middle of the palate there is an off-putting soapy and bitter character. This Perry strikes me as something you’ll want either to drink over ice on a warm day or pair it with a light, sweet dessert like lemon cream pie or fruit tart.

Appeltreow Winery & Distillery
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