Top 10 GoogleAlerts For Wine Bloggers

inspirationProbably the most frequent question I get is: “How do yo so often come up with something to write about?”

The answer is “inspiration”. Blog posts at FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog almost always result from a moment of inspiration. The key, however, is to set yourself up to be inspired. There is no better source of inspiration for a wine blogger than GOOGLE ALERTS. What follows is my secret blogging weapon. If none of these GoogleAlert Searches return items that will inspire you, then you just aren’t thinking like a good wine blogger.

The Top Ten GoogleAlert Searches That Will Inspire Wine Bloggers:

1. “Robert Parker” AND Bloggers (best not to set to “as it happens”)
There is a 5% chance this will return results about an author not likely literary critics.

2. Utah AND Wine
Only use this GoogleAlert if you enjoy composing humorous blog posts

3. “Blogging is dead”

4. “(insert your blog’s name here)”

5. “Wine Distributors” AND “The Best” (WARNING: must have large hard drive to house results)

6. “The 100 Point Rating System”
Use this GoogleAlert only in an inspiration emergency

7. “Randall Grahm”
If the results that are returned from this GoogleAlert don’t inspire you, then it’s best you find another subject to blog about.

8. Wine AND “Cures Cancer”
An alternative GoogleAlert that should reliably return similar results would be “Natural Wine”

9. “A New Wine App”
Best to set frequency of results to “daily” to catch everything

10. “Start a career in the wine industry”
Use as an alternative GoogleAlert to any of the above

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3 Responses

  1. Larry Chandler - April 18, 2014

    #2 is not only very funny, but is actually true. If you did that search this week, you would have come up with a story about how Utah now wants to require people to get certified by the state in order to teach about wine and other alcohol. Here’s question #1 on the Utah exam: Wine is made by A: The sugars in the grape converted by yeast into alcohol and CO2. or B: the devil. Correct answer; B.

  2. Alfonso Cevola (@italianwineguy) - April 19, 2014

    I also have:
    “Tom Wark” + “3-tier” + “evil”
    on my alerts. And one also needs a large hard drive for the results ;^)

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