The 20 Reasons This Wine Geek is Thankful

For which a wine geek gives thanks….

  1. For the symbolic and aesthetic beauty of glass of wine
  2. For my family and friends who drink it with me
  3. For the cork in perfect condition after 20 years in the bottle
  4. For the crisp fall days in wine country
  5. For all my wine clients, past and present
  6. For the wineries that send this blogger samples, even known I don’t reviw
  7. For the surprise that comes when finding a forgotten bottled tucked away
  8. For those that battle in good spirit over the politics of wine
  9. For the bloggers who have constantly kept me entertained and informed
  10. For the specialty wine retailers who surprise and accommodate me
  11. For the promise of bud break
  12. For Henry’s agreeable disposition toward well aged sweet wine
  13. For Elaine, Matt, Jancis, Eric, Chris, Blake, and all the other writers I love
  14. For Julie Ann, the best wine publicist I know.
  15. For my Napa And Sonoma and Willammette Valleys
  16. For that fermatic aroma that wafts in the air at harvest
  17. For the great chefs that have provided accompaniments to my wine
  18. For the readers of my little wine blog
  19. For the wine lovers that keep us all in business
  20. For that beautiful taste and buzz that is delivered through wine

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  1. Rob McMillan - November 26, 2015

    ….and I’m thankful for:
    * The Golden State Warriors
    * My family (….wait …. put them in #1 place, then the Warriors…)
    * The rain that will come this winter
    * The blessing of living in a wonderful country and beautiful wine region
    * The protection our servicepeople provide us … grateful for their sacrifice today especially
    * Working in a crazy yet wonderful wine business
    * Well-thought writers like Tom Wark who tone down the crazy part of the wine business and offer reasoned counter views.
    * 4 consecutive great vintages in CA
    * Another best vintage of all-time in Oregon
    * The opportunity to wake up in good health and breathe. (wait …. put that #1 before family)

    • Bill McIver - November 27, 2015

      Yes to the Dubs! Go for 34 in a row!

  2. Tom Wark - November 26, 2015


    Which reminds me, concerning my own post: “…in no particular order”.

    • Rob McMillan - November 26, 2015

      Absolutely … all things for which we are grateful are accounted, just not in order. Well…. there is thanks for world peace, but that isn’t happening so we can’t be thankful.

  3. Julie Ann Kodmur - November 27, 2015

    So very honored by that “sobriquet,” Tom! A BIG thanks to you for your so-thoughtful approach to our world, work, wine and everything else!

  4. Carl - November 29, 2015

    For the God that provides all the above.

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