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hg11Today marks the finish of the 11th year of publishing FERMENTATION. That’s 11 years, 132 Months, 4,015 days, 96,360 minutes as a blog publisher.

I still call myself a blogger rather than a “publisher” or “communicator”. It just seems right. The 2,938 posts that I’ve put up in that time are in fact “posts”, not articles. And I only publish me. So, it’s still a “Blog”

However, I’ve not posted nearly as much in the past year as I have in the 1o previous years. For this I only have Henry George to blame. That little baby is so anti-blogging! He has the nastiest habit of easily convincing me that it’s far more fruitful for me to play with him than write on this blog. And I’m not easily convinced. I’m a natural skeptic.

Henry George just turned a year and a half. He’s becoming a little more independent. Plus he currently has a torrid compulsion with his “momma!”. This means that I may just have more time to dedicate to this little project over the next 12 months. But we’ll see what Henry George has to say about that. We’ll also see if my own compulsion with The Cider Journal allows me to concentrate even more on FERMENTATION.

My readership has dipped as a result. I’m hovering at about 20,000 unique readers per month. That’s down about 9% from a year ago. In addition to not posting as much, having not written about “Natural Wine” may have helped reduce readers. If there was ever a subject matter that amounts to clickbate, it’s “Natural Wine”.

So, I’ll be working on posting here more in the coming 12 months if Henry George allows it. In the mean time, I thank each every one of my readers, and particularly my loyal readers for continuing to follow this blog. 

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  1. Jeff Kralik - December 1, 2015

    Tom it is clear that you and I share an ability: we marry well. Henry George is so darned cute, but, well, I am attributing the bulk of that cuteness to your lovely wife. Much in the same way that all of my friends attribute the aesthetic qualities in my boys to my betrothed.

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