It’s Hard To Be A Relativist When It Comes to Wine & Cat Juice

How hard to you have to love your pet and how jacked up on cash do you have to be to spend $12.00 on a small bottle of “Wine for Pets”?

I’m thinking a little too much, in both cases.

Yet, I read that on the classic television hit “Shark Tank” Kevin O’Leary paid $100,000 to be a 20% owner in Apollo Peak, a wine-for-pets company. According to CNBC:

“The wines — with clever names like MosCATo, Pinot MEOW and CharDOGnay — have no alcohol or any grape juice. They are brewed with natural herbs like chamomile. The red drinks have beet juice for color. The wines for cats contain catnip, which makes them extra social, explained Zavala.”

Louis B. Shrimperton III, our faithful Italian Greyhound, is apparently unloved and food poor, given that she is fed the “Buy Three Get a Fourth Free” cans from Petco.

Of course, here’s where it gets tricky. For years I’ve scoffed at those people who belittled others for paying more than $10.00 a bottle for wine. I’ve explained that value is in the eye of the beholder and taking a strident stance against $25.00 bottles of wine demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of human nature. So…who am I to belittle those willing to spend $12.00 per small bottle of beet juice and chamomile for cats?

Still, I can’t get the image out of my mind? The eccentric rich dude living all alone with six cats for companions buying the stuff by the case so that he doesn’t have to drink alone and serving it in beautiful crystal saucers around 5:00 pm every evening. The saucers are poured, a Riedel glass is raised, a toast ensues and nobody else is the wiser.

OK. I get it. We all have our vices and our little indulgences. Trying to figure out why someone would serve expensive, wine-wannabe veggie-juice to their cat is as useless as trying to figure out why someone would spend $100 on a bottle of pressed grapes. I get it. I get it. I get it.


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