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It’s always a good idea that on occasion we look to see just what exactly people are reading. Looking back over the past 12 months, Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog has attracted readers to a relatively narrow set of themes. But this makes sense since I tend to write about a narrow set of themes. Still, it’s telling that the two most popular posts here over the past 12 months are consumer facing, rather than my normal trade facing missives.

In order of most frequently read over the past 12 months:

Top Ten Differences Between Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley
For those interested in making a decision on which region to visit

10 Warnings for Visitors to Napa Valley
It’s not all paradise here. It’s good. But visitors might want to be prepared

The Wineries’ Betrayal of Consumers
Wineries have not always had consumers’ best interests at heart

The Coming Repeal of the Three Tier System of Wine, Beer & Spirits
My own explanation as to why the Three Tier System will be dismantled

Wild Yeast Fermentation: “There’s No Such Thing”
This post caused controversy for obvious reasons.

Lib Dib Cracks The Code of Modern Three Tier Distribution
The most recent post to crack the top ten.

The Two Wine Industries—Seperate and Distinct
We have two wine industries that need two sets of tools for selling

The Billion Dollar Wine Boondoggle
Bans on consumer access to wine is costing billions.

Are Burgundy Wine Growers Cheating Terroir
If you hinder the climate from doing what it wants to do, are you messing with terroir?

Help Fight…For the Love of Wine
A plea.



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