The 10 Most Read Stories of 2017 At The Daily Wine Blog

It turns out that 2017 marked the highest readership this blog has received since 2011, an achievement I didn’t expect when the year began. Having done nothing different this year than in past years, I can only attribute the increase in, and consistency of, readership to a great desire among members of the wine trade for opinion and analysis about the state of the trade. That’s what I’m telling myself.

Below are the ten most-read stories here at Fermentation for 2017. There are some obvious themes at work as you’ll see.

Finally, I want to thank all my readers for supporting this now 13-year effort. I especially want to thank those who read this blog regularly and see fit to re-post, publicize, highlight, like and share the news, opinion and analysis I try to provide. Happy 2018 and may it be a healthy, prosperous and memorable year for all my readers.

1-Is the Southern-Glazer’s Wine Distributor Lawsuit Really A Surprise?

2. What Happens When the Napa Fires Are Out?

3. A Little Hell Just Broke Loose In Napa Wine Country

4. How To Join Forces to Take On Wine & Spirit Distributor Southern Glazer’s 

5. Amazon Wine Store May Need To Shut Down – Or Change

6. The Thugs of the Wine Industry Respond

7. The Exploitation of the Napa Fires Has Begun – Already

8. The Heroic Efforts of Wine Writer Sarah Stierch During the Napa Fires

9. Wine Wholesalers Have Taken A Trip To Crazy Town

10. The Enemies of Napa Valley Wine Come Out of the Closet


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3 Responses

  1. Timothy Narby - December 29, 2017

    Tom, Thank you so much for continually shining the light on dark spots in our industry. We are appreciating your efforts up here in Washington State. I’m the Treasurer of Family Wineries of Washington State, an organization that supports free and fair trade in the wine industry. We love your blog! We’d love to have you up for a visit some time soon if the stars align. Keep up the good work. Our industry needs your voice.

  2. Bill McIver - December 29, 2017

    great work, Tom! Thanks for keeping the industry on its political toes. I am truly honored to have known you from the start of your career in wine PR and Politics, and proud that you were on my team when we started Family Winemakers of California and CFT (Coalition for Free Trade in Licensed Beverages) back in the early 1990s.

    • Tom Wark - December 29, 2017


      You are the reason I’m in this mess! (Thank you)

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