Martians Among Us, Napa Valley’s Measure C and Sharp Objects

I’ll be voting NO on Measure C here in Napa County. I’ll be voting NO on Measure C for the same reason I will not endorse the creation of a bureaucracy to round-up and imprison Martians who abduct human beings for testing: I see no evidence behind the claims these Martians are creating any problem at all.

However, if you need other reasons to vote NO on Measure C, here you go:

•The claim vineyards have threatened Napa’s water supply is unsubstantiated and incorrect. Napa has most stringent environmental regulations and restriction in California. Measure C supporters know this, but they won’t tell you.

•There remains, after all these months, not an iota of science offered to support the radical provisions of Measure C.

•The Wine Industry, and not the anti-industry backers of Measure C, have proven over the years to be the most reliable preservationists of the Napa Valley environment.

•Measure C is the first step taken by a small cabal that intends to roll back the wine industry and with it the jobs and the Napa economy. If they are successful with Measure C they will be back with initiatives that ban winery marketing efforts.

•Not a single winegrower who supports Measure C has committed to removing vines in their own vineyards that would violate the new, expanded stream setbacks written into Measure C. Why not?

•Measure C would end any and all vineyard plantings in the hills surrounding Napa. However, there are perfectly acceptable parcels for planting in what is now known as THE AGRICULTURAL Watershed that would not require significant removal of trees.

•Measure C will result in a significant increase in houses being built on the Napa hillsides. 

•The claim that “corporate wineries” oppose Measure C conveniently ignores the fact that the number of corporate wineries in Napa Valley can be counted on one hand. 

•MOST IMPORTANT: Measure C supporters have lied, exaggerated, impugned people’s integrity, and taken part in vandalism in support of the Measure. One thing I know…when these kinds of actions are so regularly taken in support of a cause, the cause is almost always unworthy of support.

Because there is zero science behind the claims of threats to Napa’s water by grape farming, I’ve come to the conclusion that the primary supporters of this initiative are either envious of those who have more than them, hoping to stop others from competing with them or so poorly informed about how the wine industry works that they should not be allowed in contact with sharp objects.


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