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Feb 7, 2005

Top 12 Pinot Noirs

I’m not sure of who needs to be reminded of this, so I’m going to go ahead and state what should be the obvious: Innovations and leaps of quality in the wine business are almost always a result of small artisan producers who’s drive and motivation is the result of a one person’s passion. This point was driven home to me the other day when I read through the Pinot Noir Report’s list of "The Top 12 Pinot Noirs of…

Jan 21, 2005

More Tokay, Please!

In 1995 Australian wineries exported 1.6 million cases of wine to the United States. In 2004 they exported 20 million cases. Today they are the 2nd largest exported to the U.S. The Australia Harvest Day tasting in San Francisco yesterday reminds one that the variety of wines being produced in Australia is enormous. It’s not just Shiraz and Yellowtail. The tasting was people mainly by importers showcasing their book of various producers. There were also a number of producers holding…

Jan 17, 2005

More Fun with Stats: CA Zinfandel

So I’m still having fun with statistics. Admit it. Looking at graphs like this is a bit like looking at a wreck on the side of the road. You know the curiosity you feel is a bit morbid because there is a lot more behind what you are seeing than just the sensationalism of it….still, it’s hard to stop staring. This time it’s California Zinfandel. I’d always had a preference for Russian River Valley Zins over Dry Creek. Dry Creek…

Jan 15, 2005

The Spectator, Burgundy & Statistics

A couple posts ago I speculated about wine ratings, the Wine Spectator and Pinot Noir. If you take a look at it you’ll see that according to the Wine Spectator, Pinot Noirs from some appellations score more in the 90 point or above range than others. Since posting that I’ve received a number of emails speculating on why burgundies from the 1998 to 2002 vintages had so many more wines that got 79 points or less than any other region….

Jan 13, 2005

Pinot Noir, The Wine Spectator & Statistics

I like quantifying things and ideas. I love statistics. Sure, they can lie. But they can also tell a story. And, while I have qualms about the 100 point rating system, it too can be used to tell a story. I’m not sure if this story says more about the Wine Spectator or about Pinot Noir. Nevertheless, you’ve got to appreciate the people over at the Wine Spectator. They do review a lot of wines. Sometimes their palate matches mine….