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Feb 18, 2006

Weekend Links

FERMENTATION’S WEEKEND LINKSFebruary 18, 2006 1. Proposed Federal Budget Hits Wineries Hard 2. Koeppel’s Primer on Red Wine & Chocolate 3. Calling for Competition 4. Wine Events…Everywhere 5. Where Wine, Food & Travel Writers Mingle 6. The eGullet Wine Forums 7. Cheap, Well-Aged, California Pinot Noir 8. The Terroir Confernce 9. Thomas Jefferson’s Cultivated Life 10. Wine Blog of the Week: The Zinquisition

Feb 3, 2006

Weekend Links: February 3, 2006

WEEKEND LINKS February 4, 2006 1. A brilliant take on the power of the wine distributors and how they keep it 2. On Anderson Valley Terroir and Pinot Noir 3. On Carneros Terroir and Chardonnay 4. And now for something completely different 5. The Wine Spectator’s Advice on Super Bowl Drinking 6. The Arkansas Historic Wine Museum…Really!! 7. Take a tour of another wine museum…only bigger 8. Who’s Blogging Pinot Noir? 9. Tom’s Own Favorite Post of the Week 10….

Jan 28, 2006

Weekend Links

WEEKEND LINKSJanuary 28, 2006 Keeping All Markets Open Best For Illinois WineriesThe Wine Region You Need To Know In Honor of ZAP: Zins At Auction The Great Pinot Noir Showdown: Chapter 4 The Great One..Listen, Learn, Swoon Vote To Ban Bad Wine Words & Cliches Who’s Blogging Wine? Getting Up There in Age California Wine ShotsBlog of The Week: Quaffability

Oct 19, 2005

Weekly FERMENTED Wine Links: Oct.18, 2005

WEEKLY FERMENTED WINE LINKS: October 18, 2005Links To Wine Information Old & New Worth Pursuing 1. THE GODDESS OF WINE GETS HIGHER ALCOHOLWriter Jancis Robinson has some very interesting thoughts and observations on the ever increasing levels of alcohol on both sides of the Atlantic. 2. VINOAn interesting site highlighted by the inclusion of reviews by Master of Wine and Master Sommelier Ronn Wiegand. Reviews, articles, news….Good vino. 3. LONGEVITY IN A BOTTLEStony Hill Vineyards bottled their first wine from…