Dollar vs Euro=Sparking Wine for New Years

New Years Eve is going to cut into the’ pocket book more than usual this year…that is if you insist on toasting with Champagne rather than domestic sparkling wine.

It’s about the historically low value of the dollar versus the Euro. The dollar has declined more than 20% this year and hit historic lows. That means Champagne is going to be more expensive than usual.

How much? These are prices from K&L Wines in San Francisco:

1996 Dom Perignon: $100
Krug Grand Cuvee: $100
1996 Pol Roger Brut: $50
Veuve Cliquot Brut: $33
1995 Salon Blanc de Blanc: $130

The low dollar is certainly going to help exports of California wine as well as domestic sales as some look at the rising cost of imports and choose to drink on the home field. If the dollar falls further you can bet the big American wine companies will be doing all they can to take market share from european producers. In fact, I’ve been surprised for a while now that some winery hasn’t undertaken a “patriotic” ad campaign: “Drink California—You can count on us”

For those of you looking for a good domestic sparkling wine for New Years and beyond consider:

Roederer Anderson Valley
Handely Cellars Anderson Valley
Domaine Carneros
Domaine Chandon Etoile
Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee


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