New Wine Media Popping Up

The wine writing genre is something pretty impressive. At Wark Communications we have a media list of over 400 writers who write often or occasionally about wine. How many consumable products can you find that are so well covered by the press. Know any “Onion Writers” or “Frozen Pizza Writers? I don’t. Why wine motivates such devotion is fodder for another post. What I want to draw your attention to here is a nice development in the realm of the wine media.

Popping Corks is a new web site dedicated to gathering wine reviews and articles from across the web. Most of the articles they point to at their website are published both in print and on the net. Yet Popping corks is going the extra mile. They are also listing and linking to posts written by wine bloggers. They’ve linked to posts at Vinography,, Turn The Screw, Lenndevours, VineSugar and Red-is-Life.

It’s a forward thinking policy they have over at PoppingCorks!

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