20 Food & Wine Wishes for 2005

1. My family is healthy and happy
2. 2005 is the “vintage of the century” for all Californian winemakers
3. Wark Communications and its clients continue to enjoy success
4. Great success to my family and friends
5. I get into the finals of the Rock Paper Scissors Championship at Roshambo Winery
6. Anderson Valley get “discovered”
7. Huge Johnson posts more on the state of the wine industry
8. The SF Chronicle adds even another page to their Wine Section
9. The trend toward wines with less oak continues
10. My lovely wife is able to wean herself off Australian wines with cute animals on the label
11. The creation of a vintage chart for California that takes into account the different regions
12. More movies in which wine is treated like something besides a punch line.
13. The continued rise of Fine Dry Rose
14. The mainstreaming of wine & food blogs
15. More dinner parties with friends
16. Finding some Stony Hill Chards from the 60s and 50s to complete my vertical
17. An invasion of wine into the “Red States”
18. A decision by the Supreme Court that states can’t discriminate with in comes to wine
19. Finding just the right wine to go with “General’s Jerky” (don’t ask!)
20. Health, happiness, and fine wine to readers of Fermentations

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