Sinning Used to Be More Fun

It’s not easy being a sinner.

For those of us who like a glass of wine, perhaps a slow smoke and a good cold can of diet cola, Washington State wants to make life a bit more difficult, or at least more expensive.

It appears Washington Governor Gary Locke is set on raising the tax on these fine goods. Drinkers and smokers are used to paying the tax freight for others. We are sinners after all. Actually, I kind of think of it as a “Pleasure Tax”. Can’t be having too much fun.

The interesting thing here is the addition of cola to the roll call of sins that are acceptably taxed. The Governor is concerned with obesity in children. That’s the reason for the Cola Tax. It was only a matter of time. Talk of and articles on overweight children has paved the way for this. I suspect that this new addition is a permanent addition to the barrels of sin that fund highways and stadiums. Turns out the tax WA is considering will amount to about 5 cents a can. If Pepsi and coke can handle it, I could handle it.

I’m used to it. After all, I’ve been paying an “oak tax” when I buy a bottle of wine for the past decade or so.

So let’s raise our glass, and cans, together and sing the new Washington State Fight Song:

“I’d like to teach the world to sin
In perfect harmony….”

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