It’s Basic…Juice

You think you’ve seen it all, then all of a sudden, something new appears…but in reality, it’s not new.

I thought I was aware of all the wine blogs out there…But wait. I come across “Basic Juice“.

The Basic Juice blog is the work of Beau Jarvis, schooled in wine and working out of that wine capital of the world: Utah. The blog is damn good, with reviews, commentary and, best of all, regular posts. There is also a bit of posting on food. I knew I liked Beau when I saw his recipe for the best Mashed potatoes in the world. You see, he advocates you RICE the potatoes, rather than mashing them. This is really crucial to making good ones. However, and this may be nitpicking, but in my book it’s absolutely critical to DOUBLE RICE the potatoes.

That aside, it’s a blog to check out. Beau’s blog is actually attached to a comprehensive website, appropriately titled: Basic Juice.

Sorry I missed you before, Beau.

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