Michel-Schlumberger: A Perfect Winery Website?

Winery Websites!  I browse through them regularly, looking for a new spin on an old tool. I’ve helped build a few too.

I think the very best winery websites to the following, in order of importance:

1. Deliver important information in an easy to find way  2. Have a consistent and easy to follow navigation scheme  3. Contain all the information I would need to purchase a bottle  4. Is easy on the eyes

All too often, you find sites that nail one or two of these key elements. They are pretty, but I can’t find a phone number. It’s simply to purchase, but you can’t get past that pink background.

But sometimes you come across a site that nails every single one and you start calling around to find out who did the design and coding.

I’ll find out who did both for the Michel-Schlumberger website. It really nails it. If you want to look at a site that does everything right go check out that site now.


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