Wines In the White House

Korbel Champagne Cellars has, once again, been chosen by the White House to provide the an Inaugural Cuvee for tomorrow’s big swearing in event and the parties that follow. It’s not the first time Korbel nailed this honor. In fact, it’s the sixth consecutive inauguration that Korbel has delivered the suds.

The history of wine in the white house is actually pretty fascinating. It doesn’t begin and end with Thomas Jefferson’s famous taste for wine.

  -Kennedy favored Bordeaux at official events
-Johnson started the tradition of only serving American-made wines 
-Nixon, though personally loved Petrus, stuck with California wines mainly
-Ford brought a few Michigan wines into the mix

-Carter, though banning hard liquor from the White House, did serve wine -Reagan Served California wines

Dick Rosano wrote a brilliant piece about the history of wine and the White House and the Clintons’ decision to move away from French cuisine to American Regional Cuisine.

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