Pinot Noir, Sex and the Backseat of a 65 Corvette

It being St. Valentines Day, I was looking for just the right post, or just the right words. to tie together the day of love and wine. No matter what I did, I couldn’t think of anything except a wonderful article written a few years ago by Michele Anna Jordan for Wine Enthusiast Magazine: "Sex and the Single Grape".

You should read the entire article, but this excerpt gets to the heart of the matter:

"Pinot noir has me in its velvet grip. Pinot Noir is sex in the back seat of dad’s station wagon, or on the front of your boyfriend’s ’65 Corvette. It’s the best sex you’ve ever had. Pinot Noir is the James Dean of wine; it’s the wine women who love too much can’t drink."

The article was an ode to the amourous qualities of Pinot Noir, to it’s ability to inspire and, as I recall and as I am reminded by the above quote from Ms. Jordan’s piece, to Pinot Noir’s seductive qualities that spring from it clearly being the sexiest of all wines.

I’ll do my part this evening, taking my beautiful Ginny to dinner and sharing a glass of Pinot Noir.

Happy Valentines Day

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  1. Richard Bill - April 30, 2005

    I agree. Good pinot noir is like slipping into a set of satin sheets and finding Traci Lords there.

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