Quote The Godfather, Get Points

Any wine and food blogger who can quote Peter Clemenza is good by me.

Barbara is the wine and food lover who reports on her Godfather Marathon in a post for Wine Blogging Wednesday’s Sicilian installment. Her blog, Winos & Foodies, seems a more personal blog than most. I like it. She’s a native Australian living in New Zealand.

My only complaint is…that she doesn’t post often enough.

Still, take some time and check out Winos & Foodies.

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  1. Barbara - April 17, 2005

    Wow. Thanks so much for the mention Tom. I enjoy your blog and the debate it creates. Finklestein’s been very quite lately though – is he on holiday!

  2. tom - April 17, 2005

    Barbara…nice site. One can only hope Mr. F is on a long vacation. Cheers

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