Read The Wine Media Survey Results

The results of the Fermentations Survey "How Do We Consume Wine Information" are in.

The results can be found here.

A few things you need to remind yourself as you look at these survey results. First, it’s a fairly small sample of Fermentations Wine Blog readers only. Also, it is important to not extrapolate to far out toward the general wine consumer. It is best to think of these results as "How do WINE BLOG READERS consume wine information?"

That said, what  do we know?

1. Getting information about our hobby is a daily ritual

2. The Internet is our "go to" medium for this information

3. We read The Wine Spectator far more regularly than any other print wine publication

4. We have  respect for the quality of information found in wine blogs, newsletters, magazines and wine forums

5. Newspaper wine columns and radio/TV wine information is low on our list of quality info sources.

6. It’s wine reviews that are generally sought out

7. This was a survey of predominantly middle aged males who drink far more often than the average person.

Anyone else’s take on these survey results would be  very interesting to read.


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