Wine Bloggers on the Radio?

ChurchillIt’s true.

Myself and Christian from Turn the Screw were invited on Lynn Chamberlain’s "Wine & Dine" Radio show to talk about wine blogging, the ego-centric nature of writing, selling wines you like, Savannah and how studying the lives of Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and other mid 20th century figures can lead to blogging about wine.

Listen Here…or, find Lynn’s show archived on the iTunes radio channel.

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  1. chas - April 8, 2005

    Interesting interview. And a very nice press release related to the subject as well:

  2. Swirl & Sniff - April 10, 2005

    I had never heard the radio show before, so thanks for turning me on to it with such a good conversation. The ‘letters to the editor’ analogy for blogging is terrific.

  3. tom - April 11, 2005

    It was fun to do.

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