New York Readies Wine Bill

As expected, New York is the first state to step up and begin the process of freeing its local wineries from restrictions on shipping out of state that have slowed their economic growth. 

Today, Gov. Pataki introduced a bill that would essentially put New York into the "Reciprocity State" column. Out of state wineries could obtain a license to ship wine to New York residents, but ONLY if their state allows New York wineries the same shipping privileges. The new law would also demand that common carriers such as FED EX and UPS obtain a picture ID at the door.

It all strikes me as perfectly reasonable.

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  1. Lenn - May 25, 2005

    It does seem reasonable…and as an NY resident, I’m pretty excited about it.
    But, as someone who accepts wine samples and buys wine online/via the phone…I’m NEVER home when the deliveries are made…and it’s a pain to have to drive to the shipping center to pick up the stuff. UPS is on my way home from work…but FedEx is about 40 minutes from my house…in the opposite direction.
    Of course, wine has been left at my door even if it has a sticker saying it can’t be left without ID/signature.

  2. pggeidcg - March 11, 2007



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