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Wanna be a "wine writer" read by thousands of people? Think you’ve got a bit of the wordsmithy in you? have a passion for wine?

GrapeRadio Wants YOU!

Brian Clark, one of the hosts of the podcast "GRAPERADIO" informs me they are looking for a few good writers to help them create a newsletter that will go out via email to their listeners ever other month. GrapeRadio has become one of the more popular and successful podcasts out there due in large part to their sense of what their listeners want, their professionalism and the wonderful guests they convince to come on the show. It’s likely this newsletter will have a nice following.

What are they looking for? People with writing skills and passion for wine. Someone who can write four articles a year. Someone who is willing to write and not get paid. Yes, I know. That is the downside. However, everyone must start somewhere. Anyone who aspires to write anything and get paid for it must demonstrate they have what it takes for an editor to accept their work. Anyone who hopes to become a paid scribe must demonstrate they are able to meet deadlines. GrapeRadio just might be your chance.

Interested? Contact Brian Clark at [email protected]

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  1. Mike - July 15, 2005

    You mean you turned ’em down Tom!

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