French Winemakers Come Up with a KILLER PR Campaign

You’ve got to give it to those French vintners fighting against overproduction, archaic government regulations and an international wine industry that is making it more and more difficult for them to sell their wines. The one thing they know how to do is bring attention to the winemakers’ plight.

First they decided to bomb buildings and tear up train tracks in a bid to get the attention of government officials. It worked. It really is hard to ignore vandals in berets stopping the trains.

This time they are going after the hearts, minds and palates of visitors to their region in an effort to spread the word of their economic plight.

There are reports that French winemakers in the South of France plan to distribute 400,000 bottles of wine free to drivers along rural roads and at toll booths. Along with the free bottle of wine they will deliver information about their difficulties that surely have a plea for help in persuading the French government to come to their aid.

Wine given away free to drivers at toll booths and along rural roads. Boy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore are we! I’m not even sure what the penalty would be for that in Kansas, or for accepting the wine. But I’m sure it’s hefty. But the Languedoc clearly isn’t Kansas.

The protesting French winemakers clearly don’t have safety in mind. But that aside, you have to admit, they seem to know what they are doing. There’s no better way to buy a vote or bring someone over to your side then give your target audience something they want. All you have to do is look at the way wholesalers in America have purchased legislators with money.

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  1. Jack - July 15, 2005

    “There’s no better way to buy a vote or bring someone over to your side then give your target audience something they want.”
    I sort of imagine they’re giving away wine they can’t sell due to the focus on quantity rather than quality. The French motorist is now thinking, “Why pay for wine at the Supermarket when I can get it for free by driving down the right road?” Then picture traffic jams if the wine is good and lots of broken bottles on the road if it’s plonk.
    I keep trying to come up with a positive here, but can’t.

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