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The Italian press is reporting that among that country’s younger set, white wine is coming on strong as a casual sipper, that is, something preferred outside the context of a meal. The interesting thing is that white wine is apparently taking a swipe a the market share enjoyed by what the Italians call "pop drinks"— drinks prepared with fruit juices, rum or vodka.

The explanation given is that white wines are somewhat less expensive and "easy to drink".

I’m not exactly sure what "easy to drink" means. I suppose it means the drinker need not contend with tannin. There is probably something to the notion of white wines being more refreshing than red, as well as being less intoxicating than spirits.

Here in America I’ve not seen any significant studies, polls or surveys that speak to drinking trends. What I have seen however is an increasing interest in Rose. Rose does not control a large part of the market today, so any really increase in its consumption will appear large. That said, market watchers watch trends closely. When they see a particular type of wine capturing significantly more interest among trend setters, it isn’t long before marketers make a move to capitalize.

My prediction: look for a a high production, mass marketed, well promoted DRY Rose from a major producers to be introduced to American wine drinkers…with great success.

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  1. Aristide - July 19, 2005

    Flash dai wine blogger (3)

    Brevi cenni di cronaca dai wine-bloggers: Cresce l’alcol nei vini. Vinography ha trattato più volte in passato l’argomento e torna a discuterne in occasione di un articolo di Jancis Robinson sulle cause (innalzamento delle temperature e scelte delibera…

  2. peaches - July 19, 2005

    I find myself drinking whites and rose often. While I, hands down, am devoted to big reds, I will drink these lighter cousins for these reasons:
    1. refreshing in the heat
    2. they won’t stain my teeth and mouth so I can look decent throughout the event/party/dinner. oh vanity vanity.

  3. Tripp Fenderson - July 20, 2005

    Regarding your statement “Here in America I’ve not seen any significant studies, polls or surveys that speak to drinking trends”…
    You may want to get in touch with Dr. Barry M. Popkin, professor of nutrition at UNC. He published a report in the October issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine regarding the American obesity epidemic and our love affair with soft drinks.
    You may also want to take a look at a recent Gallup poll regarding American’s drink preferences.
    The growth in the American wine market has been nothing short of phenomenal when compared to the beer and alcohol industries – and to that, I’ll raise my glass.

  4. Cork Tease - July 25, 2005

    Light and White

    Whites are gaining popularity as a trendy drink to “sip” in leisure. Pinks are also gaining ground faster. Many people say that they find these wines lighter and not so demanding…as well as tasty…viaFERMENTATIONS

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