Pigs, Drink and Great Wine Writing

It is by far the best issue of a wine magazine I’ve seen in years. Wine & Spirits Magazine has devoted an entire issue to Pigs and Wine. Well, actually they are calling it, "The Wine Lovers Guide to Pork".

Just look at that cover! The entire issue is filled to the gills with pig and wine editorial:

Snouts & Ears

El Cocido Gallego: A Galician recollection from Mark Lugris of New York’s El Faro by Joshua Greene


Guanciale makes the ultimate spaghetti alla carbonara with Italian whites, pinot noir & barbera by David Lynch


A Californian wild boar hunt followed by an Italian ragu with nebbiolo, sangiovese & cabernet franc by Wolfgang Weber


The Chilean sandwich from the picnic cut with malbec, país & tannat by Patricio Tapia


Jai Yun’s braised pork shanks, Shanghai-style, with sauvignon blanc, cru Beaujolais & Chinon by Barbara Haimes


A southwestern crown roast for chardonnay, merlot, grenache & valdiguié by Mark Tarbell


American barbecue to beat an Iron Chef, with sake, Bardolino, petite sirah & primitivo by Steven Raichlen


Roast loin with a fig salsa designed for mourvedre, or vermentino, roussanne or pinot gris by David Darlington


Rashers by mail, with sparkling wines, riesling, syrah & zinfandel by Patrick Comiskey


Zak Pelaccio of 5 Ninth in New York supercharges belly for rich chardonnay, Rioja & Amarone by Melissa Clark

Cured Ham

Grandmother’s Smithfield ham with Pouilly-Fuissé: A Recollection by Taylor Antrim


Choucroute garnie from Chef Jean Joho of Chicago’s Everest, for viognier, gewurztraminer & riesling by Peter Liem

Crackling snacks for moonshine and wines, like Champagne, verdicchio, Fino, and monastrell by Fred Thompson

This is an entirely different approach to wine publishing. As I mentioned, I’ve not come across this kind of a wine magazine issue in memory. It’s very gutsy and it’s the kind of thing that will either excite readers or leave them wondering. The best part of the whole thing is how the focus of the issue is squarely on wine and food together. I sincerely hope to see this sort of thing again.

Kudos to Wine & Spirits Magazine.

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  1. Jack - September 6, 2005

    Wow! Sounds like such a great issue! Thanks for telling us about it. — Jack

  2. Terre di Guagnano - June 28, 2012

    the “primitivo” is a unique wine, “brother” of zinfandel grown in Apulia from about 1000 years.

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