A Weekly Digest of Links Old and New Worth Pursuing

Is Terroir Dead?

Karen MacNeil pursues the question in a great overview article from 2002 featuring the always provocative and insightful Randall Grahm

Wine Marketing on the Internet
A wonderful 2003 article in Wine Business Monthly by PR Good Guy Jeremy Benson that gets into what wineries do well, and not so well

Reviewing The Wine Reviewers
Long time wine writer Steve Pitcher gives a thorough review of the various wine reviewers and wine review publications in a 2003? article for the Professional Friends of Wine

Gang of Pour
A great collection of wine writings from unabashed enthusiasts with sterling pens. Some great interviews included.

Savor: Wine Country
The latest issue of the Santa Rosa Press Democrats quarterly magazine, "Savor". Better presented in print with its glossy pages and beautiful pictures, the on-line version still conveys the intimate relationship the newspaper has with its readership. Great articles on all things wine country.

So You Want To Live in Wine Country?
A nice little site by a local real estate agent (I don’t know her) with info on Napa, Napa real estate, costs and listings of all sorts of things (there’s 30+ acres available on Mt. Veeder…)

The Devil
Who do you think?

Wine.com: 1997
Wine.com, the best known Internet wine retailer has been around a LONG time. It’s been bought and sold and bought and sold. Ever wonder what it looked like in 1997? The Internet Wayback Machine allows you to look up past versions of sites. To give you some comparison, click on the title link above, then click here to see how far it has come.

Airline Wine: Any good?
Fred Tasker, the Miami Herald’s wine writer gives a great rundown on the quality of wine served in the air. Required reading before you fly.

Wine Blog of the Week: Lendevours
No one does NY (or Wine Blogging Wednesday) better than Lenn. He covers NY in his very good looking and useful blog that covers the NY wine scene

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