Weekly FERMENTED Wine Links

A Weekly Digest of Wine Links Old and New Worth Pursuing

A Short History of the Corkscrew
Comes with cool drawings

What Are "Old Vines"
Staying with the historical theme, we have an interesting article from Ridge Vineyards on the nature of Old Vines.

Need Wine Grapes of Juice? Here’s Your List of What’s Available
Winebusiness.com’s listing of grapes available for purchase

Winery For Sale
Now that you’ve got grapes, you’ll need a winery. Here’s one.

Pinot’s California Roots and Terroir
Steve Pitcher’s excellent 1999 article on great Pinot ground in CA, published in WINE NEWS

Where Do Wine Grapes Come From?
Saintsbury’s David Graves Talks to Viticultural Hero Carole Meredith about wine grapes’ origins (warning: Saintsbury is a Wark Communications Client)

An Academic View of Wine Ratings
MIT Professors Digs Deep Into Wine Ratings (Attention: Deep stuff)

Wine Advertising: What’s Right, What’s Wrong
The Wine Institute’s Code of Advertising Standards

Wine Slogans
Going Beyond: "We Will Serve No Wine…"…A compendium of wine slogans

Wine Blog of the Week — "Winery Website Report"
Mike Duffy Dishes up great ideas and thoughts and services for wineries concerned with the state of their website.

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  1. The Winery Web Site Report - October 5, 2005

    We’re the Wine Blog of the Week!

    A *very* belated thanks to Tom Wark over at FERMENTATIONS, who selected us as his Wine Blog of the Week on September 22nd.Wine Blog of the Week — Winery Website ReportMike Duffy dishes up great ideas and thoughts and services

  2. Wine Club - July 13, 2006

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