Headline: Wine (or Whine?)

I’ve never met a headline editor. But they do exist, particularly at the large media organizations. When you consider that headline scanning is the preferred method of consuming media it becomes clear just how important the message of a headline is.

Below are headlines attached to the same Associated Press story that ran across the web and in numerous newspapers yesterday and today. Michelle Locke’s story concerns the wine trade pact that the EU and the US are trying to hammer out. It’s interesting how mocking of the Europeans these headlines are. Also, there’s every indicatiion that the variety of word plays one can apply to wine is, well, limited.

US-EU wine agreement subject of debate

Wine pact irks EU lawmakers

Wine agreement has lawmakers in EU seeing red

Fine wines come between US, Europe

European officials debate wine pact

Wine pact causes whining in EU

Fine whines

Fine whines US-EU trade deal subject of debate

California wine market growing

US-EU wine deal debatable

EU lawmakers see sour grapes in wine trade deal with US

EU uncorks anger over US wine pact

Wine trade agreement produces clash over tradition, technology

No toast, but fine whines

Grape debate


Europeans pop their cork over New World winemaking

US wines make gains, waves in Europe

Old World Irate Over Wine Deal


Whine wars

Europeans whine over US wine trade agreement

EU pours a fine whine

Trade pact spurs debate over wine and wood chips

EU lawmakers abuzz over wine trade deal with US

US-Euro Wine Agreement Has Some Fuming


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  1. maggie - October 25, 2005

    Wow, those are all hotlinks, too.
    Did you read the part about certain wines being “grandfathered” into using Euro names? Namely crappy jug wines because of the might of the corporate lawyers.
    Congratulations to Carlos Rossi and his headache inducing Red Mountain Burgundy. You won’t need those “Hillbilly Red” labels afterall.

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