Light & Sweet Wine…Now It Needs its Own Club?

LightsweetOne question bandied about when conversation turns toward the BIG and BOLD style of wine that seems to have overtaken much of the New World winemaking is "When will there be a backlash? When will will we see the pendulum swing back to a more balanced, lighter style of winemaking?

The answer is "Who Knows!". However, one company appears to be willing to give just this style of wine to those consumers who are ready to embrace such a black lash and return to balance.

Vinesse, a company offering a variety of choices to people looking to join a wine club, has just launched a "Light & Sweet" club"

"The "Light and Sweet Club" offers 2 bottles of wine every other month at
an average price of $12 a bottle plus shipping and handling.  The wines
include roses, Rieslings, Gewurztraminers, Muscat Canelli, sparkling wines and
other white and light varietals that have about one percent residual sugar —
a light touch of sweetness."

Vinesse claims that the club, which surprised them with its popularity, was created as a result of requests by customers. It’s an interesting push back to popularity and seeming hugely popular BIG AND BOLD style of wine. Is it a taste of change to come? I’m not sure. It may mean that lighter more balanced wines are simply part of small niche now that must be segregated into their own "club".

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