Wine, Science & the Ballot Box

It’s election day around the country as well as here in Sonoma County. Here in our neck of the woods the big ballot initiative is Measure M. Measure M would ban for 10 years the production of GE (Genetically Engineered) organisms.

What does that mean? Well, that has been a subject of debate. However, there is no question that a lot of people are watching this election and looking for trends that might be exportable to other areas of the country.
I do know one thing about this initiative. If, via genetic engineering, a grape vine resistant to Pierces Disease was created, it would not be allowed in Sonoma County if Measure M passes. Pierces Disease is responsible for nearly destroying all the grape vines in Temecula country and is a major threat to the entire wine industry up and down the state.

Read about GE Organisms and this initiative for yourself:

Anti-GE Organisms
Pro-GE Organisms

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