Your own personal wine consultant: $48 Per Year

Fredric Koeppel is one of the best wine writers and wine reviewers in the business. He spent 20 years as the wine writer for the Memphis Commercial Appeal and now he’s now maintaining

It is a treasure trove of great wine reviewing.

He charges $48 per year to subscribe, which gets you access to all past reviews and stories. But here’s the kicker. You also get this with a subscription:

 Contact Me Personally for Consultation

  • Get Advice about Buying, Storing or Drinking Wine
  • Ask What to Serve at Your Dinner Party or Take to Someone Else’s
  • I’m available to Answer Any of Your Wine Questions or Quandries

Now how cool is that?? Your own personal wine consultant for $48 a year. The best deal in wine writing for sure.

You can get a taste of his most current reviews and articles without subscribing, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Currently has a set of wonderful reviews from a Burgundy event he attended.

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