Desperate Wine Growers

Talk about desperate…

Nearly all of the 6700 members of a Bordeaux wine producers union, it is reported, have voted to impose a "self boycott" that would keep most of their wines from being labeled Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superior. They are aiming their self boycott at the "traders" who buy, bottle and market the wine. The producers are unhappy with the prices they are being offered and suspect the traders of manipulating the market price for the lower end Bordeaux wines in an attempt to take a big profit.

It’s unclear how the Traders will react to this threat which was backed up by a vote of the union members.

They talk about a glut of grapes among unclassified growers in Bordeaux. I suppose this is one way of handling the impact of the over supply of grapes without yanking out the vines. But not the best way of handling it.

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