European Food Fight Begins with Welsh Wine

Wouldn’t it be great to have an American leader with this kind of sense of humor, not to mention some familiarity with wine? Although it is a bit undiplomatic of the Italian Prime Minister to bash English wine the way he did.

Yet it seems the EuroLeaders take their food and wine serious. England hosted last week’s European Union Summit and was charged with feeding and flooding guests. Apparently it didn’t go as planned. We have this tidbit reported from the event:

"Britain’s efforts to kick-start the talks
with a banquet of traditional Scottish haddock soup and Northern Irish
lamb, washed down by finest Tintern Parva Welsh wine, failed to impress
its negotiating partners.

Commenting on the after-dinner cheese, Chirac, apparently only
half-joking, reportedly told Polish officials: “I hope I don’t have to
go through that again.”

For what it’s worth, and in solidarity with with Prime Minister Blair, we offer this link: English Wine.

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