Top Ten Wine Store Questions

I recently lamented the lack of "Top Ten" lists on wine. I simply hadn’t found many, posted this, and made a few suggestions for those I’d like to see.

Jerry at WineWaves came through with a "Top Ten" list he posted in the Fermentation Comment Section of my earlier post that just goes to show, we have a lot of education left to do.

Not wanting Jerry’s list to languish in CommentLand, we present it here:
Top ten questions from wine store customers who you only see right before Christmas, that keep you humble:

10. How long would you "park" Yellow Tail Merlot?

9. Do you have that Cranterras wine made by Domaine? I bought it here a
few months ago. (translation: Domaine Carneros Pinot Noir).

8. Is Chardonnay red or white?

7. What’s a really good German Caber-nett?

6. Show me a good Murr’Lott.

5. I just had this great wine at the Olive Garden, do you have it? (translation: white zinfandel).

4. Do you have Charles Shaw? It rocks!

3. Show me a really good She-Auntie I can buy for my boss. (translation: Chianti).

2. Where is that Carneros (Pinot Noir) from? Spain?

1. Which one should I serve cold? Red or white?

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  1. jens at cincinnati wine warehouse - December 21, 2005

    My wife actually asked outloud the other day if Chardonnay was red or white. The good news is that it shows how much time she spends in the shop, and I love to share a glass of wine with her from time to time, but the really good stuff is all MINE! Red or white! And this was in public. I could only shake my head.
    jens at cincinnati wine education seminars

  2. Jathan - December 21, 2005

    HAHAHA Classic posts.
    You haven’t seen it all until you’ve worked in a wine store.
    “Where is that Carneros (Pinot Noir) from?”
    We have a long way to go yet.

  3. David - December 22, 2005

    My wine merchant, Bob Kovacs at the Wine Seller in Geneva IL adds this one;
    “I know what a dry wine is, but what’s a wet wine?”

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