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K&L Wine Merchants sells nearly every kind and type of wine you could possibly want. Today however I want to point you to their new BLOG…yes..a K&L blog entitled K&L Uncorked.



Lenne Estate in Oregon is another (new) Fermentation advertiser who has a very specific plan. Find an investor for their vineyard and winery. The link to the left takes you to a page they’ve created for interested parties. THIS LINK takes you to a page where they list comprehensive statistics on their vineyard’s layout.



Finally, Sonoma Valley’s Mayo Family Winery remains an advertiser here on Fermentation. Specifically, they are spreading the word on what is clearly a unique concept: The Mayo Family RESERVE ROOM. In house tasting room chef preparing seven fresh dishes to pair with seven single vineyard wines. That’s all they do there.


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  1. johng - December 21, 2005

    Tom, what do they charge at the Mayo reserver room? I’ve been meaning to check that out. It is a great idea, and it’s one that I hope will spread, for two reasons. First, food and wine is what it’s all about, and second, it should help those people who treat wine tasting as a mad pub crawl to slow down and enjoy what they are tasting instead of seeing how many tasting rooms they can visit in one day.

  2. Tom Wark - December 21, 2005

    $20 per person. The experience takes about an hour. It’s sit down with service. Two flights of three tastes and three wines and a final flight of dessert with Zinfandel Port. Make reservations if it’s weekend. Otherwise, walk in and tell’em Tom Wark sent ya.

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