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What’s happened to the good ‘ol "Top 10" list? This time of year you’d expect to see scads of them on every subject, including wine. So far, the only wine Top 10 list I can find is Mike Duffy’s Top Ten Winery Websites, a brilliant project that has gotten lots of attention.

Sure, there’s the Spectator’s Top 100 and the Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100. But the "Top 100" doesn’t have the same urgency as the "Top 10". I’m a fan of list making. Done right it forces the list maker to think critically and obliges the reader to re-evaluate pre-conceptions. But where are they?

Wait, I’ve got one:

Top Ten "Top 10" Lists I’d Like To See

10. Top 10 Reasons for French Winemaker To Burn Down A Supermarket

9. Top 10 On-line Wine Retailers

8. Top 10 Wines Tasted by  Vinography’s Alder Yarrow in 2005

7. Top 10 Wine Books Ever Published

6. Top Ten Reasons for French Winemakers to Riot and Torch a Peugeot

5. Top 10 Wine Tasting Events of 2005

4. Top 10 Wine Blog Posts Of 2005

3. Top 10 Topics Of Conversation When Wine Geeks Gather

2. Top 10 Reason for French Winemakers to Belittle
     Foreign winemakers While Burning Something

1. Top 10 Wines You’ve Never Tasted

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9 Responses

  1. g58 - December 20, 2005

    Here’s a top ten for you…
    The Top Ten reasons to stick around till 2006:
    10. Doktor Weingolb on December 21
    9. Doktor Weingolb on December 22
    8. Doktor Weingolb on December 23
    7. Doktor Weingolb on December 24
    6. Doktor Weingolb on December 25
    5. Doktor Weingolb on December 26
    4. Doktor Weingolb on December 27
    3. Doktor Weingolb on December 28
    2. Doktor Weingolb on December 30
    1. Doktor Weingolb on December 31
    I’ve been posting new and original material every single day over here and I don’t think anyone’s noticing. It’s no wonder suicide rates go up in after the holidays!

  2. Rick - December 20, 2005

    Top 10 Topics Of Conversation When Wine Geeks Gather
    10. Another label to put Bacchus on
    9. Self-assurance that screw caps really *are* okay
    8. The time you met Robert Partker
    7. The number of wine RSS feeds coming in to your reader
    6. Iron Wine! Wine in a can!
    5. Making fun of the wine train.
    4. How wines you wish you could afford a case of are “over-rated.”
    3. Argon or vaccuum?
    2. My local wine shop is better than your local wine shop
    1. Drinking game: Take a swig everytime someone says a wine they have is good because it’s a “Reserve.”

  3. jens at cincinnati wine warehouse - December 20, 2005

    Doktor Weingold is scaring me and he won’t put down those sharp instruments! AAHHHHH!!
    PS: Tom, feel free to delete this if over the top!

  4. Jerry Hall - December 20, 2005

    Top ten questions from wine store customers who you only see right before Christmas, that keep you humble:
    10. How long would you “park” Yellow Tail Merlot?
    9. Do you have that Cranterras wine made by Domaine? I bought it here a few months ago. (translation: Domaine Carneros Pinot Noir).
    8. Is Chardonnay red or white?
    7. What’s a really good German Caber-nett?
    6. Show me a good Murr’Lott.
    5. I just had this great wine at the Olive Garden, do you have it? (translation: white zinfandel).
    4. Do you have Charles Shaw? It rocks!
    3. Show me a really good She-Auntie I can buy for my boss. (translation: Chianti).
    2. Where is that Carneros (Pinot Noir) from? Spain?
    1. Which one should I serve cold? Red or white?

  5. g58 - December 21, 2005

    Weingolb has no sharp objects. Sorry if the suggestion scared anyone. If fact, he’s calm and clear-headed and just served up some 2003 Beaujolais, which HAS TO make the top ten Beaujolais vintages of all time. Maybe even the #1 spot. Check it out.

  6. Tom Wark - December 21, 2005

    Jerry: I don’t know what to say except…someone has to take the bullet!
    Doktor: Like you blog and I’ve linked to it. And even with sharp objects, you’re welcome here. Just don’t run.

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