Top 50 Wines of the Year

OK…so we’ve expanded the list making exercise from Top Ten to Top 50.

But I really wanted to make sure everyone saw this.

Frederic Koeppel has come out with is "TOP 50 WINES OF THE YEARS". And it’s a great list. Fred has been writing about and reviewing wines for many years and he’s one of the top reviewers in the country. Today he’s delivering his prose at Koeppel On Wine.Com.

It’s an eclectic list ranging in price from $18 to $300 and representing a number of countries and varietals.


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  1. jens at cincinnati wine warehouse - December 23, 2005

    I only had to go to #1 to find one of my favorites, and I usually prefer Reds. Beautiful wine!

  2. Jerry - December 24, 2005

    Interesting List! I calculated the average wine on the list at $68 per bottle. I thought my wine budget was excessive, so it’s interesting to see that someone else (Frederic Koeppel) spends on average, every day, what I spend for that one special bottle in a year. Anything over $50 falls into the “trophy wine” category for me. I get to taste them occasionally, but rarely am I able to buy them and thus evaluate them. By the way, I recently evaluated the inexpensive wine on the list, X Winery’s ES vineyard Sauvignon Blanc. I recommended it on, but I thought it just a bit pricey and overdesigned (not surprisingly – an MBA came up with it).

  3. Tom Wark - December 24, 2005

    Fred is the kind of guy who attends a number of tastings prepared for the trade and media. As well, he recieves samples from wineries and importers too. He has the kind of opportunity few of us has, but, he’s gained a very nice following of people who count on him for reviews of various priced wines.

  4. Jerry - December 25, 2005

    Yes I can appreciate that fact. That’s how I’ve been able to taste the likes of Caymus Special Select, Staglin Cab, Dom Perignon, Chateau Haut-Brion, Heitz Martha’s and so forth. More power to those who can actually afford to drink/collect these trophies.

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