Diss Me…Get some love…It’s Policy

I don’t usually pay a lot of attention to those who diss me or FERMENTATION. Nor am I apt to ask others to pay attention to them. But damn it, my latest critic, despite what he had to say about me and FERMENTATION, has a pretty cool blog!

"Martini Lounge: Saving the World One Drink at a Time"  is an eclectic view of the bar world and its connection to culture that delivers an authentic voice that entertains with reviews of new products, places and news from barworld. The owner, Rick, writes from San Francisco and apparently has spent some time mixing drinks. He brings has a cultivated cynicism that informs his writing. It’s good.

And yes, he had some opinions about me and FERMENTATION…specifically my ability to "get it".

I’ll live.

And I’ll be reading and keeping an eye on the man saving the world one drink at a time.

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  1. Rick - January 24, 2006

    You’re being a class act about it too. Thanks for the props.
    I owe you a drink sometime. Preferably a glass of wine from some vague region. I’ll have to see if I can find a bottle that says “French Wine” on it. 😉

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