When Pigs Fly


How it works in Indiana:

1. Law in place that allows Indiana Wineries to sell to retailers and direct to consumers.

2. Supreme Court Rules discrimination in Direct to Consumer sales is unconstitutional

3. Bill Introduced to allow wineries in-state and out of state to ship direct to consumers

4. Indiana Wine wholesalers give $181,000 to Indiana Legislators

5. Bill Amended to outlaw sales from wineries to retailers and to make it near impossible to ship to consumers

RESULT: Minors are saved from being slaves to booze, Indiana wineries no longer have to worry about sales because they are no longer in business, Indiana wine wholesalers remain the champion of morals and small business, Legislators buy new sail boat.

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  1. Ryan Opaz - January 24, 2006

    Ridiculous. As I travel from winery to winery here in Spain, it never fails to win jaw dropping stares from winemakers here at the silly laws we have in the States. At times it’s hard for me to convince people here that I’m not making it up! Oh well…back to the drawing boards…..

  2. Terry Hughes - January 24, 2006

    Clearly the winery operators need to form a committee and indulge in more bribery. I hear Jack Abramoff is, er, consulting these days.

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