Inspecting “America’s Greatest Cellar”

Fine Wine Press‘ "Blog au Vin has been bringing the blogosphere some of the best wine writing over the past few months. They’ve attracted a number of interesting and very well informed wine insiders who, in addition to regular contributor Fabian Cobb, have been writing great stuff.

The latest marvel at Blog Au Vin is an entry by John Kapon, Director of New York wine auction house Acker Merrall. Kapon describes his inspection of what he consider to be the "greatest cellar in America" and which is set, in part, to hit the auction block soon.

Cellar inspection is critical work at auction houses. Not only does close and professional inspection of the wines set to be auctioned protect the buyer, they also protect the reputation and integrity of the auction house. Kapon describes the process he goes though to inspect this wines.

The post also sheds some light on some amazing wines that are part of the collection.

Fabian Cobb and Blog Au Vin are proving just how good wine blogging can be


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