Big Balls

Sometimes you have to wonder how wine wholesalers can even walk straight given the enormous size of their balls.

This from a press release issued yesterday by the Indiana Wine & Spirit Wholesalers:

"Under their special niche within the regulatory structure of Indiana’s three-tier system, farm wineries in Indiana had enjoyed a special status (being allowed to sell direct to consumers and retailers)."

"Special Niche"?  "Special Status"?

This from the wine wholesalers who have the most special of niches and most special and lucrative of statuses of perhaps any industry in Indiana. By state mandate, EVERY bottle of wine sold in Indiana must first go through the wholesalers hands. And the wineries have a "special niche" and "special status" because they are able to sell wine direct out of their tasting rooms?

This kind of attitude falls under the heading of "The Bizarre Way In Which The Wine Wholesaler Brain Works."

Just as I suspected, the wine wholesalers in Indiana are continuing a fairly feeble PR push with the idea that they can make the Indiana wineries look like bullies. They’ve issued a press release in which they "offer" to withdrawal their own litigation in the state (that seeks to keep in place a rule found to be illegally issued by the state’s top alcohol commissioner stopping wineries from shipping wine direct) if the wineries will only stop all wine shipping related litigation ACROSS THE COUNTRY…of which the Indiana wineries have absolutely no control over.

Again, how do these multi billion dollar wholesalers who already are mandated by the state to have control of the entire alcoholic beverage distribution industry manage to waddle around with balls as big as their inflated heads?

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  1. Jeff Lefevere - February 28, 2006

    Classic! I was going to forward the press release to you, glad you caught it.
    These guys are full of so much hubris it’s painful.
    To have the wineries pull their lawsuit is a deal with the devil. The wholesaler’s would double-down on the lobbying until the next session and crush the wineries. Good eye for staying up on this Indiana stuff, Tom.

  2. David - February 28, 2006

    Wow, these wholesalers won’t stop until world domination is firmly in the palm of their hands. My favorite line is at the end of the release where they make the argument that there is a potential for “virtual alcohol anarchy.”
    Desparate people / entities do and say desparate things and consumers and lawmakers (those not on the payroll) will hopefully take note of the wholesalers desparation.

  3. WIneBoy! - February 28, 2006

    I have heard through the grapevine that the “wholesalers” aka testicular gigantus will try and change New Mexico’s right to ship laws based on the fact they are discriminatory.

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