The Classic American (wine) Road Trip

Show me one wine blogger who wouldn’t want to do THIS .

Taj James, the blogger behind "Cork & Demon Wine Blog" is ready to embark on a wine blogging road trip she’s appropriately named, "The Cork & Demon Western Wine Tour 2006".

The idea? Travel through as many western U.S. wine areas talking to wine people and live blogging it. She explains, "I’m in search of America’s finest Wine People.  People at all levels of winemaking, selling and growing, who love what they do for more than just the money it brings."

I’m hoping she blogs often. These days it isn’t so hard to find WiFi access in some cafe.

The tradition of the "American Road Trip" is cemented in our culture in the form of literature and film and song. Now..blogs, with a wine twist. It’s really a great story in and of itself that I hope the mainstream wine media, or even the regular wine media, will pick up on and write about here and there.

You can follow Taj on her Western Wine Tour by subscribing to her RSS Feed. I did. She leaves tomorrow.

Hit the road, Taj!

2 Responses

  1. taj - February 28, 2006

    Thanks, Tom. And I will post often. Hell, if the KOA’s have wireless, I’ll probably be able to find it just about anywhere.

  2. johng - February 28, 2006

    Ah, if only Jack Keroac, Ken Kesey, Robert Pirsig, William Least Heat Moon, and John Steinbeck had Typepad at their disposal!! That would be something.
    Or maybe not. Maybe there would be a lot fewer books in the library now.
    Hard to say….

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