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Jun 12, 2006

A Wine Blogging First Ends

Taj at Cork & Demon has apparently finished her notorious Western Wine Tour. It was, as far as I know, "on the road" wine blogging event to hit the blogosphere. Taj started in Texas, made here way through the southwest, up through California, Oregon and Washington, then back home. Along the way she stopped and visited wineries, talked to owners and winemakers and blogged it all. I envy Taj. Who doesn’t really. There is something very substantially American about the…

Mar 28, 2006

Reading (wine blogs) Is Fundamental

Some Editorial Updates For Your Reading Pleasure: 1. Wine Sediments, the new wine blog on the WellFed Network is humming along. My most recent post, "What Next? Republican Wine"? is currently at the top of the list. 2. Taj at Cork & Demon continues her Western Wine Tour, a tour de force wine road trip that currently puts her in the Central Coast area of California. Her tour and chronicle of her adventures is well worth a read. 3. FERMENTATION…

Feb 28, 2006

The Classic American (wine) Road Trip

Show me one wine blogger who wouldn’t want to do THIS . Taj James, the blogger behind "Cork & Demon Wine Blog" is ready to embark on a wine blogging road trip she’s appropriately named, "The Cork & Demon Western Wine Tour 2006". The idea? Travel through as many western U.S. wine areas talking to wine people and live blogging it. She explains, "I’m in search of America’s finest Wine People.  People at all levels of winemaking, selling and growing,…