Reviewing Wine in the Lion’s Den

Where would you least want to write a wine tasting column?

It has always occurred to me that reviewing wine in a newspaper in the heart of a well known wine producing region would be the worst possible scenario. Everyone reads the local paper, including the vintners whose wines are being reviewed and everyone knows everyone reads the papers. The problem would be you are criticizing (or worse, saying nothing about) your neighbor.

So, the worst gig would have to be the local newspaper in Beaune, Bordeaux, Healdsburg or….St. Helena in the Napa Valley.

Well, the St. Helena Star has a new wine tasting column that seems to take into account the inherent "difficulty" that comes with reviewing your neighbors’ wines. The new column, called "Uncorked", spreads around the potential difficulty by including a local vintner, a local restaurant type and a "citizen" on the tasting panel. Not a bad idea…in fact, it’s a great idea.

The new column is not giving out points. It’s ranking the wines they taste from best to least best(?).

The first column was published today and it has as its top wines a 2002 Clos du Val Merlot and a 2001 Trinchero Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. The theme was Valentine Day wines.

Read all about the new column and the top wines HERE.

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