The Wine Great Wine Importer Sings the Blues


There some people in the wine business who can only be described as Legends, pure and simple. They’ve pioneered some part of the business or succeeded so profoundly on an individual level that their work has led to many others trodding a similar path after having been inspired.

Kermit Lynch is one such legend. The importer of small, boutique French producers has introduced thousands of people to the joy and intimacy that comes with sipping something authentic. Lynch introduced the notion of boutique French wine producer to the American public from his little shop in Berkeley, California.

But now…after all these years, I learn that Mr. Lynch is a songwriter/singer too. And I’ve got the CD to prove it.

Fellow PR pro Dan Fredman sent me "Quicksand Blues", a CD with a collection of songs written by Kermit Lynch over the years and performed by none other than the likes of Boz Scaggs, James Hutchinson, Alvin Youngblood Heart, Ricky Fataar and others. And it’s a great listen.

As it turns out, back in the late 60s and early 70s Lynch had his sights set on being a musician. Unfortunately, as Kermit puts it, "when my band wasn’t making earning enough money to keep a decent jug of red wine on my table." The end of his music career resulted in Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants, thank goodness. However, it also resulted in the title song on the CD: "Quicksand Blues", performed by Lynch.

Quicksand Blues is mainly a devotional to the various strands of the blues associated with different part of America with forays into straight driving rock and country. I’ve been enjoy the CD quite a bit.

I can only imagine the kind of thrill it must have been for Lynch to get Boz Scaggs on board to gather together a group of great musicians and record his songs.

My favorites on Quicksand Blues are "December Rain", "Country Living" and "Back to Memphis"

You can download QUICKSAND BLUES at iTunes or buy it at

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